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FMR provides premium quality machinery for vineyard maintenance. Contact Us for anything from Vineyard Sprayers, Harvesters, Vine Trimmers, Defoliators/Leaf Pluckers, Barrel Pruners, Cane Sweeping and Undervine Mowing and Maintenance.


FMR Recycling Sprayer with WISA award


FMR's passion for Innovation and Quality results in a product range that nutures your triple bottom line...
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ERO Harvester Series 6000


ERO Grapeliner 6000 series, German engineering at it's finest. Setting a whole new benchmark for reliability, operator comfort and sample quality...
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ERO Double Over Row Defoliator 'Profi'


An extensive range of canopy management tools from ERO to improve your efficiency and effectiveness with minimal passes...
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FMR Undervine Mower Double Side


Dealing with weeds and canes of the undervine and inter-row zone has never been easier...
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